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Inter-Euro Investments establish, manage and administer offshore corporations, virtual offices, LLC’s, trusts and bank accounts in a wide range of jurisdictions. Our experts can help you take advantage of legal and legitimate ways to structure your business internationally and enjoy a host of benefits from asset protection to cost savings.

There are a number of jurisdictions worldwide that offer benefits for business entities such as favourable tax treatments and corporate climates. You may wish to consider establishing a business in an offshore jurisdiction to take advantage of opportunities to reduce your tax liabilities, establish corporate confidentiality and protect your assets. Our team at Inter-Euro Investments can advise you on the most beneficial jurisdiction for your business requirements. Please contact us to discover how we can help you benefit from structuring your business internationally.

Offshore Company Formation

There are many reasons to set up an offshore company. Establishing an offshore company can enable you to take advantage of international tax breaks and offer asset protection from lawsuits. It could also be an essential step in expanding your business overseas. At Inter-Euro Investments, we are able to help you structure your business affairs in the most beneficial way in order to take advantage of legal and legitimate ways of reducing your tax liabilities, reducing your business operating costs and protecting your assets.

Offshore Asset Protection

Protecting your financial privacy and wealth has never been more important. Our experts at Inter-Euro Investments can advise you on a number of ways to protect your assets and increase your privacy through offshore companies, bank accounts and trusts in the safest offshore jurisdictions.

By operating a business offshore you can enjoy some of the strongest privacy laws and asset protection from creditors as well as in the case of divorce, judgments and lawsuits. We are able to set up offshore trusts for our clients thus enabling them to take advantage of asset protection.

Offshore Banking

At Inter-Euro Investments we can assist you in opening overseas bank account in some of the world’s strongest financial institutions. With offshore banking you can enjoy financial privacy, better interest rates, low opening and deposit requirements and ease of operation with any of your offshore investments. Offshore bank accounts can be opened in a company name to provide increased financial privacy and protection for you if you wish.

Popular Jurisdictions:

  • Nevis
  • Belize
  • Bahamas
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Anguilla
  • Panama
  • Seychelles
  • Delaware
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

 Key Benefits

  • Asset & Wealth Protection
  • Financial Privacy
  • Confidentiality & Anonymity
  • Tax Flexibility & Advantages
  • Bank Account with Full Control
  • Protection from Creditors
  • Operational Ease
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